The Oakland Global team is reaching out to the local community in an attempt to find contractors interested in working on the redevelopment of the Oakland Army Base (OAB) infrastructure, what we call "horizontal work". This work involves reconstruction of the existing infrastructure, that is now 70 years old, to support new building development in the future. Construction of buildings is not part of this project. There will be "horizontal" work in the following trades: Grading, Paving, Concrete, Electrical, Demolition, Hazmat Abatement, Environmental Remediation, Trenching, Underground Utilities, Wharf Repair Work, Rail work, Wicking, Dynamic Compaction, Trucking, Landscaping, Fencing, Traffic Signals, Street Lighting and Signage.

We are working on developing a grand list of contractors in the local area and want to make sure that we are reaching out to all interested parties that may not be on obvious contractor listings. Completion of the trade questionnaire would be helpful to us as it will notify us of your interest in the Project. Answering the questions will not automatically qualify or disqualify you but, again, announce to us your interest so that we can follow up with you to have discussions about your interest, capacity and qualifications.

Our outreach is intended to ultimately distribute work of the Project, as much as possible, to local businesses that qualify for contracts under provisions and requirements of the City of Oakland. Our Team has had a lot of success in the past with fulfilling City goals on local participation and it is our desire to repeat our performance.

We anticipate the start of construction in the Fall of 2013 which means a bidding process in the Spring of 2013.  Please let us know your interest by filling out the questionnaire and if you have further questions about prequalification, contact Carlos Mendoza, Turner Construction 510-506-7523. 

For more information about current OAB job opportunities, please visit the West Oakland Job Resource Center website.