The West Oakland Job Resource Center will be opening soon in the West Oakland Library at 1801 Adeline Street. The Center will be readily accessible to serve as the nexus for linking job seekers, employers and contractors and can be reached via the AC Transit NL and 26 lines. 

The Job Resource Center will connect job seekers with job training, education and other support services, refer qualified workers to the Oakland Army Base (OAB) Project and other employers. The Center will also track and support the progress of apprentices becoming journey-level workers, match local residents with operations jobs on the OAB and recruit existing workers in Oakland on an ongoing priority basis.

At the West Oakland Job Resource Center employers will be able to post job notifications and receive resumes from qualified workers. The Center will be a valuable resource for technical support and assistance in complying with the OAB Cooperation Agreement, which requires quality employment and training for community residents.Contractors will use the Job Resource Center to help them meet local hiring goals, track job assignments, worker hiring and retention. The goal of the West Oakland Job Resource Center is to deliver productive, convenient and efficient opportunities for business, residents and workers.

 For more information go to Oakland Army Base Job Center Website.